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New: Instant Telegram Messenger notifications for your surveillance security camera: @motiondetectionalertbot
New: Option for end-to-end encryption (Symmetric PGP/GPG AES256)

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  • Why
    • Keep a remote eye on your house, hotel room, pets, driveway ...
    • If something moves, a motion of this object will be uploaded to your cloud account.
    • Review motions, no need to check hours of video and only upload the events.
    • Instant notifications on events through E-mail or Telegram Messenger @motiondetectionalertbot
    • Continuous motion support. No blind spots. Unique queueing algorithms. Fast uploads. No grace time limitations. Fast mobile access.
    • Extra secure with end-to-end encryption (Symmetric PGP/GPG AES256)
    • Best of all: FREE CLOUD Accounts!
  • What does offer?
    1. in your webbrowser:
      • Personal video CLOUD storage for your motions.
      • No configuration or extra hardware: only your webcam and browser!
      • Low bandwidth online security camera.
    2. with Raspberry Pi CSI or USB camera:
  • Features
    • Secure online hosting with a mobile friendly user interface to review your motions.
    • Instant Telegram Messenger notifications for your security camera: @motiondetectionalertbot
    • Email notifications:
      • on motions (when someone steps into the view of your webcam.).
      • when a camera is 'lost' or in error (power down, hardware fault,..).
      • Enable email notifications
    • User friendly interface to review your uploaded motions.
    • Motion detection runs client side:
      • In your browser through HTML5
      • On your Raspberry Pi through Motion
  • Privacy is very important to us:
  • Problems? Trouble making settings? Bugs? We are happy to assist you.

Demo videos


Object detection through Raspberry Pi install image.

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  • Is it safe?
    • It is safe: this website calls out and uploads to internet through SSL/https, this way of uploading is more secure then using a home/DDNS solution, when internet calls in to your home.
    • With end to end encryption (Symmetric PGP/GPG AES256) enabled, password is never sent to, even with cloud access you can only decrypt motions with this password.
    • No need for DDNS, no port or router configuration has to be made.
    • No extra software, we only need the powerful Firefox web-browser with webcam or a Raspberry Pi!
  • Preferred browser/Operating system?
    • We advise you to use the latest Firefox browser
    • .. Or Google Chrome should also do the tricks, but we do not support it official.
    • Our motion detection and upload-service runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Can i use my smartphone as IP-Webcam with this motion detection?
    • Yes, if your device has a recent Firefox browser, it will run this motiondetection tool.

Build your Raspberry Pi - IP camera.

This article explains how to build your DIY online cloud security camera with motiondetection and objectdetection on a Raspberry PI.
After these instructions you'll be able to manage your camera from


  • Raspberry PI
    (This article was tested on: Raspberry PI3, Raspberry Zero W 1.1, Raspberry zero 1.3 with Ethernet USB, Raspberry PI2)
  • USB camera or Raspberry CSI Camera
  • Micro-SD card (4GB or more, class 10)
  • Micro-USB power
  • Download our Raspberry Pi image.
  • Create your (free) cloud plan & login
  • Optional:
    • Ethernet/Wifi USB or ethernet cable
    • Raspberry PI case

Prepare the Raspberry Pi Micro-SD card:

  • Burn your Micro-SD card image:
    • Install to write the image to your micro-SD card
    • Download our Raspberry Pi image.
    • Connect an SD card reader with the SD card inside.
    • Open Etcher and select '' from your hard drive.
    • Select the SD card you wish to write your image to.
    • Click 'Flash!' to begin writing data to the SD card.

Configure your camera:

  • Insert your SD-card into your computer
  • Rename the configuration file motiondetection-config.txt.example into motiondetection-config.txt
  • Set your configuration as set in this example:
    uploadKey="Lookup your camera uploadKey"

  • Old configuration method:
    • Power your Raspberry Pi surveillance cloud camera:
      • First boot may take up to 5 minutes with the Raspberry Pi Zero, wait while the system installs itself.
      • Connect to the Wifi accesspoint  "motioncam" and password "motiondetection" with your smartphone.
      • Surf with your smartphone to webpage and login with the defaults:
        uploadUser: [empty] and Password: motiondetection
        • Set your camera network hostname
        • Set your private Login + uploadKey
        • Connect your camera to your network:
          • Select your WIFI access point:
            • Choose your Wifi SSID
            • Set your WIFI password
        • Check "Reboot & apply configuration" & click "Save"

Build your Raspberry PI cloud camera:

  • Insert the SD-card into your Raspberry Pi.
  • Connect your Camera with the CSI port on the Raspberry Pi
  • Place your Raspberry pi into it's casing and close
  • Connect your USB Camera to the USB port of your Raspberry Pi

Your camera is ready:

  • Your camera is now ready to manage from
    • Watch & download your uploaded motions.
    • Reboot, shutdown, update/upgrade your camera.
    • Change cameras settings: resolution,name,detection speed, notification emails, Telegram notifications,...
    • Install object-detection. (Detect persons, vehicles, animals,... )
    • ...
Contact for free support.


Basic cameras:

Special request cameras: